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The future of Retail in a digitalized age is a strong profile combined with innovative Sensory points (POSe).

It’s Sensory Profiling



My strengths



are consistently focused on your future, the development of your markets and the behaviour pattern of people. Management, Marketing, Sales and Product-Development will learn to work with innovative sensory concepts. The aim is to identify external and internal changes in your environment and to move forward by making these sensual, conceptually and profitably tangible at the point of sale.





Sensory Profiling als a future key to success in combination with or in competition to digital contents.




. sensory product profiling

. sensory retail profiling

sensory marketing and sales

Let your consumer explore your sensory profile! Using all 5 senses in an intelligent and innovative way is a key to succeed in Retail.

I use mine and other peoples’ experiences from different fields, segments, sciences and networks in a sensory way to help you learn how to create a future success in Retail.

How can I create frequency in Retail in a digital environment? How can I make clients stay longer in your store? How can I sell more emotional?


Sensory Product Profiling, Sensory Retail Profiling and Sensory Sales are key challenges.
3 topics, even combined with digital contents they are critical. As your Guide I’ll give you a learning hand to set peaks in your future business.



progressive guidance.


 strategic prevention.